Have an AquaZoom vortex power plant installed for free

How to have an AquaZoom vortex plant installed on your site at no cost?


Have an AquaZoom vortex power plant installed for free

How does this sound?

AquaZoom is planning on installing up to 30 self-operated power plants during 2019 to 2021 in the UK. These power plants are installed on your land at no cost, with the following benefits:

  • A small and visually unobtrusive power plant;
  • Your own low-cost carbon-free power all year round, in most cases covering your entire power needs;
  • The right to purchase the power plant at a very low price after 20 years;
  • Additionally, you improve aquatic life permeability at your site by installing our technology – fish can migrate up and down our power plants

How it works:

  • You grant AquaZoom the right to build one (or multiple) power plants on your site;
  • AquaZoom deals with everything, from permits to connection charges to the physical installation of the power plant;
  • Once it produces power, you buy your electricity from AquaZoom at a price that is at least 3 pence lower than the price of the cheapest utility company available in your location;
  • After 20 years, you can buy back the power plant at a highly favourable price;

Minimum requirements of your site:

  • You need an average water flow of at least 1.5 m3/second
  • You need to have a weir or a dam on your site with a head (difference between upper and lower water level) of at least 1.2m (4ft)

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